Sunday, September 11, 2016

SWAT team and police station in Kushinagar Trya Suzanne's action over almost 02 million recovered Spreet

On Sunday, police have made great progress today. Police SWAT team and police joint Karwahi Trya Suzanne massive Spreet (used in brewing happens) was recovered in the Smndh told police briefing. According to information received by the Deputy Inspector Susan Trya Thanadhyksh SWAT charge Navin Singh and Tata hotel standing next overbridge Tmkuhiraj 2 tanker (which was laden Spreet) at the same time it was being filled in the drum by police Dbis son Shiv Prasad accused Kumar , tot eating eat Aklim son, arrested Kishore Yadav Yadav and his son Bhuli currency against other 0 0 S0-l6 Section -60/62 police officer filed a lawsuit in 0272 by the Executive as a matter Lgbr 40,000 liter tanker Spreet 2, the pickups a bolero, the police recovered 20 drums of Spreet recovered Rs 40 lakh in the international market almost 02 million liters of a 10 liter wine is ready Spreet therefore the police have led to great success.

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