Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tamkuhi Road (TOI) - To - GORAKHPUR (GKP) Trains Lists

Tamkuhi Road (TOI) - To - GORAKHPUR (GKP) Trains Lists

Below are the list of trains which run on daily basis from Tamkuhi road to gorakhpur. There are total 5 direct trains between TAMKUHI ROAD (TOI) and GORAKHPUR (GKP) station.

Passenger Train (55007) departure time from TAMKUHI ROAD (TOI) is 00:06 and Its arrival time at GORAKHPUR (GKP) is 04:30. Total distance between Tamkuhi Road to Gorakhpur is   102 kilometer in 04h 24m.

Train NoTrain NameFromDep. TimeToArr. TimeDaysDistance BetweenTravel Time
05065CPR-LJNTOI22:07GKP01:15Tue Sun101 Km03h 08m
55007PASSENGERTOI00:06GKP04:30Daily102 Km04h 24m
55071THE-GKP PASSENGERTOI20:36GKP00:45Daily102 Km04h 09m
55075SV-GKP PASSANGERTOI05:33GKP10:00Daily102 Km04h 27m
05115[cancelled]CPR-JAT-SPLTOI12:29GKP14:15Tue101 Km01h 46m

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